What ails?  My approach

First Meeting

There are many reasons for starting life coaching or therapy:  You may feel that you need some support, clarity, or healing; or you may no longer be able to put a brave face on your inner turmoil.  Whatever it is, at our first meeting, we will explore what brings you and what your objectives may be. 

My Approach

I take an Integrative Therapy approach, which means that rather than being bound within one conceptual framework, I use a variety of techniques depending on what you need to accomplish: 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective first-aid approach and effective at alleviating symptoms especially of anxiety and depression. 

Life Coaching would focus on clarifying your values and ambitions and then turning those into goals, strategies and motivation to achieve those ambitions.  We will identify what holds you back or where you struggle and why.

Analytical Therapy is a safe space where you can express what is unspoken and be fully understood.  Here, your feelings are acknowledged with empathy and without being judged.  Therapy may help you to:

  • Come to terms with serious life events such as a traumatic experience, a relationship breakdown, illness, addiction, emotional exhaustion or bereavement.
  • Deal with the sources of depression, anxiety, guilt or other challenging states of mind.
  • Understand the source of your emotional pain and start the healing process.  There may be issues that stem from your childhood which require deep reflection and re-evaluation.

Therapy is often cathartic as you release deep blockages that have disempowered you from an early age.  The outcomes are often life-changing as you find self-forgiveness, self-love, peace of mind, vitality, courage, hope, creativity, inner-strength, compassion.

Depth Psychology: Therapy often opens new doors for us that take us beyond healing, to the life-changing promise of true personal transformation.  Depth Psychology is about:

  • Your spiritual journey, transformation, finding meaning and purpose
  • Your blossoming into a full expression of your inner beauty 
  • Your journey into love, peace, joy and a fulfilled life

More about me

I initially trained as a clinical psychologist and practised for several years in clinical settings.  Later in my career, I went back into academia to train in Human Development (or Positive Psychology).  While Clinical Psychology is about diagnosing and treating illness, Positive Psychology is about wellbeing - finding meaning, purpose and ultimately self-actualisation.   

In addition to the nine years of training above, I have done specialist courses in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Cognitive Based Therapy and extensive ongoing professional development. 

Mark Purvis

MA Clinical Psychology - MSc Human Development

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