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When major changes are happening in your life...

When relationships are unfulfilling or falling apart... 

When past hurt won't heal...

Mark Purvis

MA Clinical Psychology - MSc Human Development

Mark brings a depth of experience to his practice to help you through tough times and stressful transitions.  He brings structure and clarity to the aspects of your life that you find unmanageable.   He illuminates where you have been stuck and what needs changing.  He offers deep understanding and empathy to where you need healing, and supports you throughout your journey.   

Freedom from Emotional Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression...

There is a way through - practical, achievable, effective small steps.  Just a few sessions can be life-changing.  This is Positive Psychology - it is not just about alleviating symptoms - it is about being the best that you can be.

Emotional Healing

If you have concluded that you need emotional healing, then you are already on the healing path.  I work alongside Tunde, an experienced and gifted healer.  Together we offer you a blend of treatments that heal your emotional pain at the deepest sub-conscious level, and at the same time verbalising and consciously integrating these profound changes into your life.  


When everything that you trusted in is changing or broken, clarity is often your first casualty.  At times like these, harsh words and rash decisions can wreak untold damage on yourself and on those closest to you.  By listening, understanding and distilling for you the essence of what you are facing... by bringing into the room the unspoken reality... you will choose your path with confidence and wisdom.


For some people, life is a bed of roses and they stride through life with confidence.  If you however, have only experienced the rose thorns, it is no wonder that you may lack that confidence.  With healing and support, your confidence will grow and you will find the strength to start to create your own future.


Having healed emotional scars, having gained clarity, and built confidence, you may well think that you have done it!  There is so much more.  It is time for you to blossom - to bring out your true inner beauty - to be all you can be - to give all you have to give.  A life filled with meaning and purpose.  This is the state of being that we want to help you to achieve.

You don't need to face life's challenges alone

If you do not act, your emotional distress could lead to more severe issues such as physical illness or mental breakdown.

What Others Say


After 15 years of alcohol addiction, I am now finally free, healthy and living a fulfilling life. Mark was constant lifeline and inspiration.  There seemed to be no limit to his commitment to helping me.  I am so grateful.




When I thought I could not fall further into depression, I found that there was much further to fall.  Mark's support and unfailing compassion pulled me through my darkest days.  He taught me how to manage my thoughts and emotions, and how to discover the beauty in me.




I never believed that I was worthy of being loved and after many failed relationships, I had given up on love and on life.   Mark gently took me through a process of understanding my patterns and why my relationships are so destructive.  I am now in a stable and loving relationship - this work was life-changing for me.